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About Us

about george quinn staircase parts

Experts in Staircase Parts since 1960

If  you are looking for staircase parts to create a new staircase, or if you are undertaking a staircase renovation project, this is the place for you.  With over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing stair parts and staircase renovation components, George Quinn can not only supply, but also assist you in finding the stair parts that you are looking for.

We are a stair parts manufacturer and supply quality stair components to Carpenters, Builders & Home Owners, so we can also help you to create a bespoke staircase to your own individual requirements. If you have a staircase design in mind that would enhance your home and our extensive stair parts designs are not meeting your exact requirements, you or your carpenter can contact us and our experts will work with you to design the stair parts that will suit your needs (to find more about this, refer to our Signature staircase collection).

Our Team

Our passion for excellence is backed by our investment in people.  Our experienced experts know that only hard work and a quality service can make you happy: David, 37 years with our Company – 37 years dedication to design and quality; Jim, 28 years starting as an apprentice and now our Production Manager committed to all aspects of production, quality standards and customer satisfaction; Damien, our staircase renovation specialist that you might have seen in one of our “How to do staircase renovation” videos.

Our Mission

We are here to offer you an experience based on quality.  We are here to offer you quality stair parts.  We are here to help you make the best choices in staircase renovation.  We are here to offer you the stair parts that will fit your style and your requirements.

George Quinn

VAT number: 8V19939W

Our Stair Parts Factory

Take a look at where all the magic happens. This is our factory and our offices.

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