Staircase Renovation Videos

Staircase Renovation Videos

Can I install the stair parts myself?

Stair parts installation requires carpentry skills such as measuring, cutting, fitting and etc. If you are comfortable with these tasks, you will have no problem installing our stair parts.

If you are not very comfortable with these tasks, we recommend you to hire a carpenter or a joiner to do the installation.

Stair Cladding Overview: How To Clad Your Stairs

If you are thinking of undertaking a staircase renovation project, this video gives a brief overview of the process. For more detailed instructions, please take a look at our videos below.

Part 1: How to plan for renovating your stairs (staircase renovation project)

If you are thinking of undertaking a staircase renovation project, the first thing that you will need to do is make a plan: decide on what you want to renovate in your staircase (i.e the steps / treads and risers, and/or replace the newel posts, the handrails and the spindles also), and then select the stair parts that you need.

Part 2: How to replace a bullnose step (staircase renovation project)

The first stair part to renovate is the bullnose step. Remove the old carpet and any protruding nails or screws from the stairs; order the bullnose step and riser and then … – we don’t want to spoil you with too much information, so we’ll let you to learn how to replace a bullnose step by watching the video. Enjoy!

Part 3: how to refurbish steps and risers (staircase renovation project)

Install your steps and risers following the steps presented by Damien in this tutorial.

Part 4: How to refurbish the last step (staircase renovation project)

Use this video to learn two methods of refurbishing the last step of a staircase: covering the last step with carpet; or using a jointer to connect the last step with your flooring.

Part 5: How to refurbish the landing area of a staircase (staircase renovation project)

In this video you will learn what are the stair parts needed to refurbish the landing area (winder steps and winder step extensions) and a simple method of installing these stair parts.

Part 6: How to replace newel posts (staircase renovation project)

The next part of the staircase renovation project is the newel posts’ installation. Start from removing the old newel posts and finish up with adding small touches to these posts (newel caps and bolt covers). Follow all of this in this tutorial. We also included our variety of newel posts’ collections.

Part 7: How to fit handrails and base rails (staircase renovation project)

This tutorial contains the guide on fitting handrails and base rails: from getting the angle of the stairs, to installing the base rail and handrail. It also shows how to measure the base rail and use this measurement when installing the spindles. To create a glass staircase using our glass panels, we recommend watching: how to renovate a staircase with glass.

Part 8: How to fit spindles (staircase renovation project)

In this video you will find all the information needed for installing spindles to a staircase: from following the building regulations, to calculating the number of spindles required and then installing them. Just a reminder, if you want to have a glass staircase, you can learn how to renovate a staircase with glass from our next tutorial.

Part 9: How to renovate an old staircase with glass

Watch this video to learn how to refurbish an old staircase and transform it into a glass staircase. Stair parts used in this video: glass panels, handrails, base rails (all of these stair parts are part of our Urbana collection).

Part 10: How to do string cladding

Learn how to measure, cut and install stair stringers to a staircase. For this project, you will need string cladding panels (Dimensions: 2400 x 300 x 6 mm). Get these from our Stair cladding parts.

Stair Parts Collections and Designs: George Quinn

This video showcases some of the collections offered by George Quinn Stair Parts Plus and includes our Traditional stair parts designs and the new modern ranges that we have recently added to our portfolio.  We hope you can get some inspiration from the clip to assist you in making your decision on what type of look you are aiming for.

How to refurbish a winder staircase (staircase renovation)

We created a special staircase for this video and then we started refurbishing it. Our staircase renovation specialist explains in detail here all the steps that you will need to do for such a project: from removing the old floor covering and any protruding screws or nails, to measuring the winder steps and risers and then cutting and installing them.

Scroll and Wreath & Scroll and Easer – Handrail components tutorial

This tutorial outlines the Scroll and Wreath & Scroll and Easer components. It also contains the instructions for installing these parts, and information on how you can order them (as individual components or as a pack which includes scroll spindles, handrail bolt, spindles connectors).