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Top 3 Staircase Design Trends

IT’S ALL ABOUT DESIGN Stairs are the souls of our homes. We might not always realise how important they are for the design and the comfort of the place where we live. We go up and down them so many times that we neglect to realise how useful they are and how amazing they can be. That is why…

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Christmas Holidays 2016

A magical Christmas story & A Happy New Year 2016 | George Quinn Stair Parts Plus

The magical place on the stairs – A Christmas story The night came quickly and we just managed to finish installing our Christmas tree. It looked magical and the colourfulness of the lights made us even more excited about the coming day.  I went up the stairs and settled into my warm bed waiting to fall asleep……

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George Quinn – a new, simple, professional and surprising stair parts website

Our new stair parts website Explore our new stair parts website. On each page you can find a different surprise and different products organised in styles (stair parts designs), stair parts, and timbers. Enjoy and get inspired by our staircase collections. Let yourself guided into a world of stair parts. PLUS many other products. Stair…

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How to renovate a staircase in 8 steps | Staircase renovation project

We recently finished a staircase renovation project in which we presented all the steps involved in installing the stair parts of a staircase. Our last tutorial is live. This means that you can follow all the steps by watching our staircase renovation videos. These are the 8 steps: Staircase renovation project – Step 1: Plan…

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Our amazing stairs brochures: collections, stair parts, stair cladding and many other

“Look no further! These stairs brochures are exactly what you need in matters related to stair parts and staircase renovation” – this sounds like the advertisements that we were hearing years ago, when marketing people were more than uninspired. Luckily, our brochures can really help you get a feel of our business.  We put at…

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