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Stair cladding & Staircase renovation | George Quinn Stair Parts Plus
The George Quinn’s staircase renovation system is the easy-to-install solution for stair cladding. Renovating your staircase has never been more affordable with our pre-finished steps / treads and risers.

Key Benefits:

Save money on a new flight of stairs;
The steps / treads and risers can be fitted on top of existing stairs;
Pre-finished stair parts ensure a clean finish with no painting needed;
Available in White Oak and Walnut;
Completely transforms the look and feel of your stairs with a minimal effort.

We understand how helpful a guide can be when doing staircase renovation projects, so we asked our team of experts to create a simple Stair cladding guide for everybody to download – this is a complete guide that will teach you how to do stair cladding. More exactly, it will show you step by step the Bullnose installation & the tread and riser installation. Also, watch our staircase renovation videos for step by step tutorials on how to renovate a staircase.

You can also try our other staircase designs. Try our stop chamfered stair parts and our exclusive stair parts designs. For a modern staircase design: Erne stair partsOriel stair partsTuscan stair parts or the Urbana, glass stair parts. For a traditional staircase design, try our traditional stair parts collectionsAchill Boston. You can also contact us for a bespoke staircase design.

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